The first BMC Remedyforce and BMC Remedyforce Client Management implementation in Croatia

mStart successfully implemented BMC Remedyforce and BMC Remedyforce Client Management systems in the company Tisak plus, which is also the first such installation in Croatia.

In addition to replacing existing Service Desk Express (SDE) solutions, Tisak plus used this project to introduce client computer management solutions – BMC Remedyforce Client Management. In addition to introducing the latest solutions, this also enhanced the security of IT operations and customer support.

The project included two sub-projects:

The BMC Remedyforce (RF) project included an audit of the existing system, documentation of user requirements, implementation of new solutions, testing and support for production work. Tisak plus also requested an integration with external systems to cover the complete functionality of the existing SDE system. While Tisak plus gained the stability of the world’s leading cloud platform ( through this project, it also received all the functionalities that it had in the SDE system, with subscription to all innovations and technological breakthroughs that are regular for this platform and occur several times a year, without any impact on users.

The second part of the BMC Remedyforce Client Management (CM) project included the implementation of CM solutions. It also consisted of the analysis and documentation of user requirements, system implementation, testing and support for production operations. RF and CM systems are mutually integrated and all client computers are automatically visible and accessible from RF systems. The implemented system enables regular updates of operating systems and applications with official patches and can also manage all other segments of client computers from a central location – from remote access, through central software and patch installation, to consolidated reports.

BMC Remedyforce and BMC Remedyforce Client Management are solutions that are in the public cloud, and as such have had to undergo a rigorous assessment of information security, and Tisak Plus can boast that it is among the leaders in implementing the industrial trend of delivering services to the public cloud.