mStart continues to develop new PIKA card functionalities at Mercator Slovenia

Since May 18th, the PIKA PIN / NFC project at Mercator Slovenia is operating successfully. In order to make the shopping experience as pleasant, simple and primarily safe as possible, the PIKA card has been upgraded with a personal identification number (PIN).

For all users of green and gold PIKA cards, it means that the PIN has replaced the previous way of authorization with signature, which provides them with greater security and reduces the possibility of misuse. Also, the PIKA card is one of the most famous and longest-lasting loyalty cards in the region, and as a payment card it is one of the first credit cards in Slovenia which accounts for 70% of Mercator’s turnover from card payments. Currently, over one million active PIKA cards account for more than 200,000 transactions per day.

The introduction of a PIN authorization was a precondition for achieving the second goal of the project – contactless payment of the PIKA card (NFC), which became necessary and popular during the COVID-19 pandemic. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology for sharing information between two devices that are physically close and equipped with an NFC chip, in this case a card and a POS device, where the card “communicates” directly its account information with devices a few inches away, as opposed to a chip or magnetic tape. In this way, the card always remains in the hands of the user, which provides a greater sense of security and safety during the purchase. Contactless transactions without entering a PIN are limited to amounts up to 25 euros, and you need to authorize each new purchase by entering a PIN.