mStart napravio iskorak u farmaceutsku industriju

mStart enters the pharmaceutical industry

Having successfully implemented SAP BusinessOne and mProcess at Salvus and Švaljek Pharmacy, mStart can take pride in entering the pharmaceutical industry.

The goal of the project was to implement and utilize SAP Business One and mProces solutions to optimize and standardize business processes, which would ultimately lead to improvements in business processes and cost reductions in all segments of business while increasing competitive advantages on the market.

The project includes all business segments (procurement, warehouse operations, distribution, sales, accounting and finance, controlling, integration with external systems, business documentation management).

Mr. Teodor Švaljek, the CEO, shared his satisfaction with using the system, for the Success diary website. To learn more about the benefits of using SAP BusinessOne and about the solution itself from Mario Udženija, a business consultant at mStart, follow the link:—553516.html