mStart participates in implementation of informatization in health care

A closing ceremony of the project, in which an in-depth analysis of the current IT system of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund was carried out and the foundation for building eHZZO system was built, was held at the Great Hall of the Ministry of Health. The project was subsidized by the European Union with 159.860,00 EUR, and was carried out by the mStart company for the Ministry of Health and the Croatian Health Insurance Fund. Nevertheless, as Fedor Dorčić from the Croatian Health Insurance Fund pointed out, this is only the beginning, not the end of a further development of eHealth in Croatia.

mStart sudjeluje u provedbi informatizacije zdravstva

A new system without paper referrals

The aim of the project is to efficiently and transparently manage the health care system and connect all its participants – users, primary and secondary health care specialists and others – in a single complete integrated information system eHZZO. Within the HZZO, paper referrals would be completely eliminated. The implementation of a base calendar of referrals that would include all hospitals would offer transparent insight into data and solve the problem of duplicating referrals. The user would be notified about their doctor’s appointments that could also be cancelled when needed. The implementation of ePrescription and eHealth Records is also planned, and it would be available to doctors in primary, as well as secondary health care.

All data on a mobile app

The informatization of the system will enable better system managing, keeping track of the work that is done in the institutions and their costs, as well as timely reaction to irregularities or necessary financial interventions. The health minister Dario Nakić stated that the Ministry of Health is aware that the quality of service offered to the users is not aligned with the ongoing growth of costs in health care. It is the reason why they want to improve the system, and protect institutions that are doing a good job, and improve the services for patients by, for example, avoiding unnecessary exposure to radiation.

Nevertheless, the most important novelty for the users is the eHZZO mobile app that enables them to see their medical records, appointments and other data. This way, the patients would have access to their data ‘on hand’ and at any time of the day. Dorčić expects that the app will be available in the next 6 months to one year, at the same time as the the implementation of the entire eHZZO system is estimated to end.

The beginning of further development

Mate Krpan from mStart is satisfied with the cooperation on the project and expects that their suggestions, that are the result of an in-depth analysis of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund’s IT system, will serve for the system’s further development.

I am certain that we‘ve added new value to this project.

Fedor Dorčić from the Croatian Health Insurance Fund also pointed out that they truly need a complete evaluation of the system because the overall debt of the system is only growing. He thinks that the informatization of the Croatian Health Insurance Fund is not bad, but that the biggest problem until now has been the incoherence of the system. This problem, as well as that of the surveillance and control efficiency, should be solved by this comprehensive project that is expected to raise the quality of Croatian health care to a higher level, primarily for the benefit of the users.