Oktal Pharma is starting to use the BMC Remedyforce solution to manage IT processes

Oktal Pharma and mStart plus signed a two-year Agreement for the project of implementing the BMC Remedyforce solution. The project was completed on May 1, 2020, and the system was successfully put into production despite the specific period in which it was completed. mStart plus delivered a BMC Remedyforce solution on the Salesforce cloud environment, and implemented ITIL (r) processes to manage requirements, incidents, problems, changes, knowledge, and IT assets. The main goal of the solution is to improve IT support and the efficiency of the entire IT. It is important to note that Oktal Pharma plans to expand the use of BMC Remedyforce solutions to its other services, such as human resources. The idea is that all user requirements for human resources are generated and resolved through the BMC Remedyforce system. In this way, Oktal Pharma’s internal users will be given a central place to submit requests for IT services, as well as requests for personnel services and the services of other services.

The BMC Remedyforce solution is certified by PinkElephant for 9 ITIL (r) processes and enables fast implementation and great flexibility. By implementing this solution, the mStart plus project team provided Oktal Pharma with a number of advantages such as more satisfied users, better user experience through the use of mobile applications and modern user interface, more efficient IT support, flexibility in adding new services and requirements for internal users and better and simpler IT management. With the release of the solution into production, the successful collaboration does not end because mStart plus BMC experts will be available to Oktal Pharma by providing continuous support.