Round table on e-invoices

Poslovni dnevnik, Croatia’s daily business newspaper, organized a round-table on the subject of (Un)preparedness of the Croatian economy for e-invoices. Digitalization is no longer an option, it is a necessity and the changes it brings must be accepted, accounting systems must adjust and cooperation by all stakeholders has to allow for the process of implementation to run smoothly so that everyone can take advantage of the numerous benefits from new systems. The round-table participants were: Maja Radišić Žuvanić, head of the digital economy department of the Ministry of the Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts Andreja Kajtaz, director of Sector for commercial digital solutions at the Financial Agency (Fina) Marko Cukrov, head of corporate projects at the Croatian Post Josip Kovačec, head of sales at Moj e-Račun (integrated e-invoice network in Croatia) Božidar Bajsič, head of operations at Editel Adria Vedran Tadić, ICT product manager in Hrvatski Telekom marketing sector for business users Igor Javor, head of Support service for document management systems at mStart plus During discussion, participants touched on various issues that are yet to be resolved with regards to e-invoices and they also agreed that a lot was achieved during the preparation process and its early implementation phases, while supporting our colleague Igor Javor and his opinion that it is still necessary to educate all stakeholders about the registration process and about all the benefits of digitalizing business operations. We at mStart are already very active at through numerous workshops held together with the Croatian Accountants’ Association (RIF).