What we do?

mStart implements information security systems based on the leading global technologies. We prepare a complete scan of the conditions of the company in question and suggest the best solutions that match the client’s needs.
Besides implementation, we also offer security services according to the as-a-service model depending on your business needs.
We have synchronized business processes with relevant international norms: ISO 27001 for information security management and PCIDSS for secure credit card transactions.

Why mStart?

Through our multi-year collaboration with numerous clients from various industries, we have gained a rich experience in the implementation and support of information security systems. Our team of experienced experts regularly monitors events in the client’s surroundings and proactively warns of potential risks. We have our own Cyber Intelligence data relevant to the clients in the region. We offer flexible delivery service models and have more than 50 satisfied clients in seven countries of the region.

Our services include:

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