mStart postao Entuity partner

mStart became an Entuity partner for the Adriatic and Central European region

mStart, a leading systems integrator and IT services provider, became a new certified Entuity partner on October 9. It will strive to facilitate the availability of Entuity Network Analytics in the Adriatic and Central European region.


mStart has had from its very beginning a network management division to support business’ IT network systems in their geographic area. By utilizing the Entuity solutions for network management, the network management division helps their clients keep pace with technology, and brings mStart’s expertise as a systems integrator to a higher level beyond the scope of a traditional systems integrator.


Entuity Network Analytics simplifies network management of each customer, and adds a level of historical data in the network. This helps understanding, evaluating and resolving that are causing network or application issues. Responding to clients’ needs quickly ensures outstanding IT services and end-user experiences.