Igor Javor participated in the panel E-invoices in the Croatian economy

Digitalization is a topic that has been under the spotlight for a long time, and last year all companies and their employees working from home took that to a higher level. Digitalization today requires and implies implementation of a large part of business processes through digital channels, and one of these business processes for micro, small and large entrepreneurs is the issuance of e-invoices. Croatia made a step forward in this segment already several years ago.

Exactly this was the topic of the panel discussion “E-invoices in the Croatian economy” organized by Poslovni dnevnik and attended by:

– Andreja Kajtaz, Director of the Commercial Digital Solutions Sector of the Financial Agency (FINA)
– Josip Kovačec, advisor to the sales director of the “Moj-eRačun” service
– Božidar Bajsič, Director of Operations of Editel
– Igor Javor, Director of Document Management Systems Support, mStart

Our colleague made several key points:

“The biggest recipient of e-invoices since July 1, 2019 is the state and then everything started moving faster. In the B2B world, for example in retail where you have big suppliers and chains, they will find a way, but problems can occur when big and small players collide, when big suppliers work with smaller ones. This is all slowly settling in and the state was a great trigger. The technology is available, it is no longer expensive and it would be a sin not to use it, and we are the ones who have to carry out the transformation. Introduction of electronic invoices implies a rearrangement of previous processes, which is why it is by definition a digital transformation. Advantages and savings are numerous, while shortening the invoice approval process is crucial for many entrepreneurs. We know from experience that so-called ‘quick win’ projects are the best approach to this transformation and that is why we advise our clients to take small steps, and our ‘Digital office’ solution is optimal for all clients regardless of their needs or size. “