How mCheckout increases your web shop’s potential

Improve user payment experience with mCheckout
  • Paying with one click along with tokenization and secure card saving that offers a better user experience to your customer;
  • Installment payments do not have to be limited only to physical retail stores because mCheckout also offers this option to online businesses;
  • You can adapt the payment sites to your web shop by adjusting design and language to integrate the system completely into your web shop.

Do not limit yourself to only one bank

Optimize your expenses by offering support for more banks
Do not limit yourself to only one bank with other payment gateways, but optimize all transactions in order to have the best conditions with the mCheckout support for more recipients and directing transactions in real time. This way, direct all transactions to the best issuer based on a number of factors such as:
  • Card issuers;
  • Card type (AMEX, Diners, MasterCard, Maestro etc.);
  • Sum;
  • Transactions ratio with regard to certain banks.

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