Real insight into sales

The mCRM solution is especially used in sales, which is the key part of every business. It gives you insight into the real result of collaboration with your B2B partners and retail stores through the most important business aspects: negotiation, contracts, field activities, marketing campaigns, sales, contact center, and overview of the competition.

Track activities in real time

mCRM gives you insight into field data accessible in real time with the possibility for direct interaction, so that you can keep track of all processes and react in due time.
mCRM also allows you to measure the effectiveness of your own resources.

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Reduce costs with a complete solution

mCRM is a complete solution with already existing, built-in functions that shorten the total time of implementation and reduce its costs. The platform on which the mCRM solution is based on allows easy integration of data from other sources such as ERP, business analytics, Excel and Outlook, telephone centers, LinkedIn, Facebook. It focuses on the two-way integration between the company’s internal information systems in order to have a 360-degree view of customers and the optimization of work processes.

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