Let’s build a mGreat team!

It doesn’t matter if you want to work on the latest SAP business solution used by thousands of companies around the world or our own products such as mCRM and Event Wallet, you can develop a great digital career at mStart along with 340 of your most talented colleagues.

Develop expertise in implementing a complete digital solution

While some might be satisfied with working on individual aspects of digital transformation for their clients, mStart prides itself on working on complete solutions. It gives us a chance not only to deliver the best possible solution for our clients, but also develop our expertise further. At mStart we have the best IT competencies in the region based on 10 years of continuous digital experience.

World-class standards or tailored made innovation: Why not have both?

You don’t have to choose between developing solutions based on standard-setting platforms such as BMC for IT service management or creating new, groundbreaking solutions based on the custom needs of your customers. You can have a chance to work on both at mStart!

Choose your career by switching technologies and departments

mStart offers a full range of services and supports a whole list of technologies, so as a member of our team you will have the opportunity to perfect yourself not only in one, but in more areas. We will help you to start working in a new area or technology when you are ready.

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Apply for our open positions to see if there’s an opportunity to work together: Even if there are no open positions, you can always contact us. We like to meet potential colleagues and recognize their potentials together. Feel free to send your information because you never know how we can cooperate!

Top student internships in mStart

We offer students internship opportunities to develop their career.

The chance to work as a student at a company like mStart was a really priceless experience. I had the opportunity to show my knowledge in a friendly and collegial environment where my opinion was appreciated. I quickly developed a friendly relationship with my colleagues and I could always ask for advice or help, knowing I would get it whenever I needed it. I am grateful for the opportunity to apply my knowledge and to get the impression what it is like to work in a large company like mStart. With the experience I had received at mStart, I managed to continue my education abroad and enroll at one of the best IT schools in Europe. – Zoran, a student.

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