Business Intelligence solutions from mStart are based on the experience of our experts gained from working with companies in retail, wholesale, distribution, banking and the aviation industry. Our advanced BI solutions helps you not just understand what – and why – happened yesterday but also ensures you’re aware of future events in order to improve your business.

Stop wasting time with inefficient reporting

Why would your experts waste time in creating reports in spreadsheets while they could invest it in improving your business. Our BI ensures you have the right data in real time, letting – for example – your sales experts have time to talk to clients.

Get your reports in a day – with a click!

Like in the case of our client Croatia Airlines, you can cut the time needed to create a report from a week to… two clicks of your mouse. These daily reports will give your sales representatives valuable data on what customers are buying – and why, while your managers will have dashboards for high level insights that will help them react faster. The reports will, of course, be based on your strategy as well as our extensive experience in implementing such systems.

Our platform experience for reporting

Our It consultants are experts in a whole range of technologies and platforms like Oracle Retail and SAP, as well as Cognos, Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Their understanding of business processes lets them help give you the best implementation on the market.

Poslovno izvještavanje mStart

Featured solution: IBM Cognos Analytics

Among the solutions we can implement for you, such as Tableu for mobile reporting, we can also highlight IBM Cognos Analytics as a complete solution for your company. From contextual smart search to a complete web experience, IBM Cognos will give you an interactive overview of all your data to make even faster decisions.

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