Although digitalization seems like a relatively clear notion, you must be wondering what to do with all those paper forms, and you believe that the processes can – and must – be more effective. Which is why we at mStart have decided to share our experience founded on digital processes based on some of the biggest companies in the region.


Digitalization enables you to prepare, scan and index all important paper documents and save or control their destruction:

  • Documentation can be created on a daily, periodic or annual level, depending on the type of document, such as outgoing invoices or supplier cards
  • With digitalization, all your necessary documents will be available sooner and easier to search, which speeds up countless processes of your company based on required documents.


For long-term storage of digital documents in compliance with statutory deadlines and regulations, you have mArchive at your disposal:

  • Your documents are available via browser in any given moment, and from every location, but with secure access.
  • If you wish to implement mArchive in your facilities, we can offer you on premise solutions.
  • Whether you use SharePoint or EMC Center, we have developed connectors that will connect your systems!


Relying on digitalized paperwork, EDI or Electronic Data Interchange, allows digital exchange of your documents between you and your partner.

  • Why would you risk manual data entry errors when you can handle your paperwork faster with EDI, and at the same time reduce the processing cost;
  • You can exchange a number of different documents: invoices, delivery notes, delivery reports, stock status, price lists, eGoods, gift cards, vouchers, parking tickets, etc.
  • We have developed connectors on ERP systems that you might have already used: SAP, SAP B1, Synesis and OODO.
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Certainly, the most common format that your digital office solves is the eInvoice. Its implementation allows us to solve all process changes for both output and input.


In order for your team to easily interact and collaborate on digital documents, the mProcess tool defines the flow of documents, both within your company and with business partners.

  • With the mProcess, you can define secure access to your documents;
  • The system supports the use of Advanced Electronic Signature.
  • To make it easier for you to exchange documents and data with other systems like ERP and business reporting, you have an API available to you.


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You are not sure which service to choose? Do not worry!

You are not sure whether you need all services or only a couple of them? Do not worry because Digital Office is adapted to smaller and medium sized companies that are, just like yours, used to the flexibility that does not limit you in any way. The biggest advantage is exactly the opportunity to adapt your own Digital office to your needs, choose the services you really need and then adapt them to your growth with our advice and your wishes!

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