mStart among best IT Service Management Consulting/Service Companies in 2019

It is our pleasure to announce that we were listed as one of the top 10 IT Service Management Consulting/Service Companies 2019 by the CIO Applications Europe magazine. This recognition was given to companies that are efficient partners able to help their clients achieve maximum return on technology related investments. Here is how our work…

The first BMC Remedyforce and BMC Remedyforce Client Management implementation in Croatia

mStart successfully implemented BMC Remedyforce and BMC Remedyforce Client Management systems in the company Tisak plus, which is also the first such installation in Croatia. In addition to replacing existing Service Desk Express (SDE) solutions, Tisak plus used this project to introduce client computer management solutions – BMC Remedyforce Client Management. In addition to introducing…

mStart became an Entuity partner for the Adriatic and Central European region

mStart, a leading systems integrator and IT services provider, became a new certified Entuity partner on October 9. It will strive to facilitate the availability of Entuity Network Analytics in the Adriatic and Central European region.   mStart has had from its very beginning a network management division to support business’ IT network systems in…

mStart winner of BMC Marketing Excellence Award

At this year’s BMC Marketing Excellence Awards, mStart won an award for the EMEA South region. This award is given to partners who used BMC marketing programs and carried out efficient campaings which contributed to generating of new leads. With the award, mStart won 5,000 dollars for future investments in promotion of BMC products and…

mStart and BMC have signed a partnership contract

mStart and the American company BMC software signed a partnership contract on February 25, 2016. By becoming partners with BMC, mStart expands its business opportunities to the areas where BMC offers its solutions and services, while BMC, thanks to this partnership, ensured regional presence. mStart itself uses different BMC solutions. The experience acquired through implementation…

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools

Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for ITSM Tools



Your company’s digital transformation cannot be accomplished without the efficient management of all your IT services. mStart can help you in this aspect with our vast experience in implementation, integration and support based on premium BMC solutions that we also use.
Experience in IT process standardization in complex systems

mStart bases implementation, integration and support on our very broad experience which came from working with some of the most successful regional business systems. We continually invest in education of our top experts who now own:

  • 15 BMC certificates (BMC Certified Professional);
  • 6 Entuity certificates (Certified Implementation Engineer);
  • 23 BMC accreditations (BMC Certified / Accredited Administrator);
  • 23 ITIL ® certificates (ITIL ® Foundation, ITIL ® Release, Control and Validation Capability, ITIL ® Planning, Protection and Optimization, ITIL ® Expert);
  • 1 PMI ® certificate (Project Management Professional).
Reduce IT costs and improve productivity

Through cooperation, we do not only provide your organization with better quality IT services that will be more efficiently resolved, but at the same time reduce costs. ITSM will therefore give you the opportunity to improve other business aspects that will guarantee you a steady growth and you can be sure that IT services will always be an advantage, not a problem.

How can we help you?

As your ITSM partner, mStart offers you our rich experience in standardizing technological processes with a focus on security. We provide our customers with a complete service of project delivery – from analysis and design, through the development of solutions, testing and installation to production up to the support and maintenance that ensure the flawless operation of your solution:

  • ITIL Advisory and related business processes;
  • Full implementation and integration of BMC system for ITSM;
  • Continuous improvement of the process by monitoring the work in the ITSM system;
  • Support, maintenance, and upgrades so that you do not have to take care of the platform.
Digital Service Management (DSM/ITSM)
Digital Service Management (DSM/ITSM)

With the modern and mobile Service Desk solution, you ensure the automated detection of equipment within a data center with service recognition and you automate your IT operations with embedded ITIL processes. We can provide a solution that will reduce the cost of IT support from our or your data center, cloud platforms (BMC, AWS, Azure…), which will increase your agility, productivity and customer satisfaction.

Examples of BMC products in the category:

  • BMC Remedy with Smart IT;
  • BMC Digital Workplace;
  • BMC Remedyforce;
  • BMC Discovery for Multi‑Cloud.
Performance and Availability (P&A)
Performance and Availability (P&A)

Increase the performance and availability of your IT services, and reduce potential risks with BMC TrueSight products with which you can manage deliveries, capacity, performance and availability of organizational IT infrastructure. The solution will optimize IT costs, and we can implement it from our own data center, private or public cloud.

Examples of BMC products in the category:

  • BMC TrueSight Operations Management;
  • BMC TrueSight AppVisibility;
  • BMC TrueSight Intelligence;
  • BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization.
Digital Business Automation (DBA)
Digital Business Automation (DBA)

Accelerate and simplify application delivery, as well as managing background tasks and applications that require “batching“ jobs with BMCs solution Control-M. With Control-M you can arrange (so-called job scheduling) and automatize tasks (so called workload automation), as Control-M brings a new wave of digital IT automation.

The so-called Digital business automation is more advanced that the traditional job automation and it adapts better to modern technologies and processes of a company such as your own. The results will lower administrative costs of maintaining and adjusting of IT solutions.

Examples of BMC products in the category:

  • BMC Control-M

Why BMC?

Featured solution: BMC

BMC is the global market leader in IT service management that eases your digital transformation in a thorough and secure way, which Garner proclaimed as a leader in his Gartner Magic Quandrant for ITSM report for the fifth consecutive year, with focus on a vision of this product toward future. For the last 35 years, BMC has been a global leader in ITSM solutions with over 10 thousand customers around the globe. It supports 6 thousand employees and 500 partners, and so far, they have provided more than 470 patents. for the fifth consecutive year, with focus on a vision of this product toward future. For the last 35 years, BMC has been a global leader in ITSM solutions with over 10 thousand customers around the globe. It supports 6 thousand employees and 500 partners, and so far, they have provided more than 470 patents.

Highlights: Mercator

We helped Mercatora company with more than $3 billion in revenue, to transform IT service management into a modern ITIL practice organization, which was not an easy task with over 900 servers and 3400 POS systems. With our implementation of the BMC solution, the number of inquiries through the self-service Mercator portal increased from 25 to 75 percent, which helped save time and increased their productivity, while resolving problems at the first call in Slovenia increased by 20 percent. Indeed, the solution was so profitable that it enabled the internal business department to sell IT consulting services and solutions, creating a new revenue for Mercator.

Join companies that who have standardized IT processes

Facilitate the communication between your employees with IT, where IT will have a better understanding of your organization’s needs, which will ultimately reduce costs and increase efficiency. Some of the partners for which we have standardized IT processes include:


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